Monday, May 28, 2012

Disabling VM device hot add/remove

Since virtual machine hardware version 7 (introduced by vSphere 4.0), you may have noticed that VM's network adapter and hard drives appear as one of the devices available for removal when you click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in Windows taskbar. This can cause problems, especially in VDI environments, where users can accidentaly remove VM's network adapter instead of e.g. their USB device, which will result in VM's immediate loss of connectivity and tech support calls.

You can avoid situations like this, if you completely disable virtual machine device hot add / remove. In this way, network adapter and hard drives won't appear in the Safely Remove Hardware menu, but have in mind that setting this option will also prevent you from hot adding / removing ANY device from the VM (network adapter, hard drive, USB controller etc.), which means that you'll have to shutdown the VM in order to add/remove any part of its virtual hardware. CPU / memory hot add/remove is not affected by this setting.

In order to disable VM device hot add/remove, shutdown the VM, right click on it and select Edit Settings, choose Options tab -> General -> Configuration Parameters. Click Add Row and add a row with name devices.hotplug and value false, confirm the setting with a couple of OKs and power on the virtual machine again. The following picture illustrates how your advanced parameters dialog should look like after adding this setting.

Disable virtual machine device hot add/remove with devices.hotplug advanced parameter.

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